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7 characteristics of positive people.

source : pixabay

1) They fight for what they want.

Fighting for your goals.

That simple action makes everyone feel alive.

On the other hand

For those who fail to achieve their goals or wishes,

You always look at your life negatively.

If there is a word that defines positivist, it probably sets its own goal,

It can be said that it is the power to fight for this.

Positiveists are also realistic.

They say things that are impossible to themselves,

We do not set goals beyond our capabilities.

Just because you set a goal,

That goal is by no means necessarily achievable.

Your dream is,

If it’s a pie in the sky that can’t be achieved,

It will be hard to feel that disappointment.

The important thing is,

setting a high level of goals,

To set an impossible goal,

It’s a completely different story.

2) When others look at failure,

They look at it as an opportunity to learn.

As a positivist,

Failure never exists.

They made mistakes, errors,

An impossible challenge, an unachievable goal,

It is clear that it exists.

But among them,

I don’t think anything is a heartless failure.

That is the power to create positivists.

The power to see everything positively.

The power to look at bright tomorrow…

Any great human being,

I’ve never experienced errors or failures.

I’ve never succeeded.

mistakes can be corrected,

The hole is filled.

Failure has been overcome.

It serves as the foundation for great success.

Every mistake has its lesson asleep.

In addition, there is also a power for growth in the lesson.

For positivists, success is…

You’re just giving up on yourself.

I know it well.

3) Be honest with yourself.

Being honest with yourself,

He doesn’t make excuses or rationalize himself.

It means that.

To maintain this attitude,

It takes courage.

If you don’t run away from the truth,

Because I do it.

Face to face with life.

Because you have to be true to yourself.

Positive people…

Saying that you’re wrong…

I’m not afraid.

Rather, he humbly accepts his mistakes.

They made a mistake.

Avoid blaming others very much,

that you’re not always right.

I can humbly accept it.

Have confidence in yourself.

This attitude makes yourself stronger.

Because accepting one’s own mistakes,

This is because it is a process to get better.

4) You don’t compare yourself with others.

To compare yourself systematically with others,

It’s just distorting your thoughts,

It’s like putting poison in your heart.

We are incomparable to anyone.

Other people and myself.

Which one is better or worse?

There is no exact measurement method.

Maybe more than a CEO of a company,

One prisoner’s heart could be more correct,


The only way to set goals may be different.

This cannot be measured objectively.

The foundation of true positivism is,

It exists in recognizing this reality.

No one is better than anyone else,

It’s not that I can’t

No comparison between humans,

It’s relative.

People who consistently compare themselves to others,

Lack of self-reliance,

This is because it is difficult to judge on your own.


Whether your life is the way you want it.

It can be judged.

Whether others agree or not,

In the end, it’s up to you.

5) Find your own motivation.

Motivation is…

Even if you put obstacles in front of you,

It’s not to stop moving on its own.

In other words, it means that you’re…

For a specific goal,

It is to make progress.

Positive people…

This strength…

It’s something that comes from within yourself.

I know it well.

It’s not like you’re following their own instructions.

You act based on your own beliefs.

This is because I know well that it is because.

You’re finally…

When you find out the reason for what you do,

And when you develop that motivation,

The person finally found motivation.

Human beliefs,

It gives the person the power to move forward.

Knowing why you’re following your dreams,

If that person doesn’t pay too much attention to the problem,

It makes you move forward.

The positivist is,

I believe in myself what I do.

6) You accept someone else’s true self.

We don’t want to see other people.

We treat ourselves similarly to the way we treat ourselves.

If someone accepts about themselves,

Other people can easily accept it.

On the contrary,

If someone can’t accept themselves properly,

If you lack self-love,

It’s about your inner conflict.

I often pass it on to others as it is.

This is

This is why they are wandering in search of an object of constant criticism.

To be positive,

First of all, I want to show you a positive image of yourself.

You need what you have.

But you have to be selfish.

I’m not doing it.

It’s enough to just know your values.

This is

A positive person values another person.

This is why it is easier to accept.

They say that all human beings,

I know that he is a comrade living together in the same history.

They say that everyone in their own place,

You’re living with your own purpose.

I know.

Their solidarity…

I hope you can see the present with more confidence.

I never forget that.

7) They pioneer themselves.

Without anyone pioneering themselves,

It cannot be said that I have become a positivist.

Knowing yourself.

forgive and accept your mistakes and errors,

Your achievements so far…

It means giving appropriate value, etc.

You, are also the achievement of your own work.

While working on your work,

Being proud of your own process,

In other words, it is a shortcut to positivity.