Mental Care

Characteristics of weak mentality.

1. Fear of things that didn’t even happen.

I’ll pay.

People with weak mentality tend to be afraid of things that haven’t even happened.

And your head is covered with negative thoughts that bite all kinds of tails.

Why is that?

There are many people of this kind who have never achieved something they want and have often experienced it.

In fact, I’ve never tried in the right way.

After failing, I think, “I’m a bad person.”

After that, when something happens, you think of an experience that you have failed before, and your mentality is shaken sharply by the thought that “it won’t work out again.”

That’s when the vicious cycle begins.

I’ll give advice to these people.

If anything happens, find a way to solve it, and just focus on thinking about how to solve it well.

The reason why your mental state is shaking is that you don’t try to solve something that’s unstable in your head, but just spend time thinking about other useless actions and concerns, so your mental state keeps shaking and anxious.

You don’t have to worry about anything that hasn’t even happened. If you have a problem, just focus on trying to solve it.

It will help you catch a shaky mind.

2. Afraid of adventures. Safe.


The second characteristic of people with weak mentality is that they are afraid of adventure and only seek safety.

Pursuing safety doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Each person has different values and personalities, so the direction of life they pursue can exist in various ways.

However, people who seek excessive safety may lose their mental strength when some deviations or problems occur.

If you try correctly, the results will surely come out well, but those with weak mental health will feel anxiety and fear in the process of going to the results.

Therefore, I recommend you to pursue safety while also doing various experiences and activities.

You don’t have to think it’s

I’ll tell you a simple way to practice it.

If you have the same way to and from work every day, you should take a new path, not the one you used to take every day.

Suppose you’re always on the same way to work, and suddenly there’s a car accident in front of you.

You may think that you have to take a different path, but you’ll have a so-called mental breakdown because you’ve never been there will be a mental breakdown.

There’s a navigation system, but I’ve never been there, so I’ll drive with anxiety.

You might end up being late…

However, if you experience going on various paths,

Since you have the expected time and experience of going there at least once, you will be able to get to work well without much mental breakdown.

Do you understand?

It’s good to be familiar and safe, but please remember that doing various experiences and activities helps make your mind stronger!

3. I have a weak sense of independence.

The last and third characteristic of a person with a weak mentality is that he or she has weak independence.

People with weak independence tend to rely on someone as soon as the problem occurs rather than trying to solve it on their own when a problem occurs.

On the other hand, people with strong mentality and independence devote all their time and energy to solve the problem on their own when a problem occurs.

I often ask others to do me a favor when I can’t make such an effort.

What shouldn’t be misunderstood here is that when a problem occurs that requires professional knowledge, you should naturally seek help from an expert.

Of course, if you don’t need professional help by acquiring and studying that professional knowledge, you can save a lot in terms of cost.

The need for efforts to solve the above-mentioned problem on my own means that I know the answer myself.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s assume that you decided to go on a diet because you gained a lot of weight. Then, what is the most basic effort you can make yourself?

“Eat less and exercise a lot.”

This is a content that you know well about yourself.

However, people with weak mental and self-reliance contact their local friends for advice.

“I gained weight. Is there any good diet food?” “Please recommend diet food”.

“I gained weight. What should I do?” ㅠㅠ I’m depressed… What should I do?”

“I gained a lot of weight. What if I don’t lose all of this?” I’m in trouble ㅠㅠ”

Like this.

Just looking at the example, you can tell that I’m weak, right?

It means to eat less and exercise a lot, which is the basis of dieting, and if you still don’t think you can solve the problem, ask for advice from people around you.

Do you understand?

Please keep in mind that the habit of relying on others first without doing what you can do on your own will never help you strengthen your mental strength!

Thank you.