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Cultivating plants. The reason why you need to grow plants?

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1. The indoor air purification effect.

The first benefit is that plants purify the indoor air cleanly.

The air purification effect, which is the biggest reason why many people know or grow plants!

Plants photosynthesize and supply us with oxygen.

The oxygen produced by plants is fine dust, removing harmful substances from various chemicals, etc.

It also has the effect of a natural humidifier by emitting clean water vapor through leaves.

Plants also emit negative ions to neutralize the pollutants, cations.

Wow, this is enough for me to start growing plants at home. 🙂

It removes volatile substances and bad air from homes.

Plants are a gift from nature that humans need.♡

Tip. The more plants there are in the home and the larger the area of the leaves, the more fine dust or harmful substances are removed and humidified, etc.

It has a lot of beneficial effects.^_^

2. Emotionally stable.

Second, it is said that alpha waves are generated when humans are comfortable.

Alpha blue is one of the brain waves of humans, and it is said that normal adults can see it while relaxing and resting. 🙂

Such beneficial alpha waves! It is said to be released from green plants.

Therefore, we can heal plants’ stress and relieve fatigue.

Wow! The relationship between plants and people is this good.♡

That’s why in our lives, nature and green plants are together anywhere.

You’ll be able to think of it easily now.

For example, pots in various indoor spaces or landscaping facilities located on the roof of a building.

Also, you may have seen that there are many trees lined up around the public road.

In order to improve the quality of life,

It can be seen as putting nature and plants close to us.

3. Interior and decoration effects.

Third, based on the two things I mentioned earlier, let’s naturally…

These are the effects of creating a natural environment with people.

Even great and wonderful buildings have plants around them or in indoor spaces.

If you place the right plants in each space,

You can create an environment with comfort and completeness. 🙂

Also, if you decorate the plants suitable for the indoor space, the atmosphere of the house will be more sophisticated.

It can also have an outstanding effect.

In an indoor space with a natural feeling that’s not artificial, it’s natural.

It is said that it is good to make it stand out.

Depending on the type of plant or using various firearms such as baskets, pots, and stones,

I can make it into a space that you want. 🙂