Dog yoga to help you interact with your dog.

source : pixabay

For yoga, meditation, breathing, stretching,
It’s a combined mental and physical training method.
It helps balance your body and your flexibility.
It improves blood circulation.
It is effective in preventing aging and beauty.

Through breathing and meditation,
It can calm your mind.

Doing yoga with your dog…
If you can? That’s how it was born.
It’s Doga_Dog Yoga.

Through TV, celebrities can be with their dogs.
and experience Doga on the show.
If you want to try Doga or want to try it,
The number of pets is increasing.

In the U.S. and Europe, with my family,
It’s as popular as family yoga.
It’s an exercise that exists.

Doga is between a dog and a dog.
It helps to form attachment and communion.
Control of dog impulses, ease of tension, copycat,
It also has the effect of social learning through cognition.

As our ancestors are wolves, dogs are also herd animals.
It’s a social animal. because
A common mission with your pet.
By doing so, we become closer and trustworthy.
It’s formed.

I’m going to use muscles that dogs don’t usually use.
It makes you use it, so the range of movement…
It has the effect of improving.

Also, the dog’s body parts…
It massages your metabolism.
And help with circulation. I didn’t know about it.
You can also check your health status.

Not only that, but being overly active…
I can calm down my dogs.
It relieves stress by providing rest.

Yoon Jungwon, president of the Korea Pet Yoga Association,
To a certain dog, Doga…
When asked if I needed more,

“I need everything.” I highly recommend it.
Especially dogs with sore legs or joints.
I recommend it more to children who lack social skills and have constipation,” he said.

But even if the dogs worked out enough,
I can’t express it in words.
Use the exact moves on the dog’s body.
I have to make sure that it doesn’t strain me.
They say it’s good to be with an expert.

Yoon, the president of the association, said, “Dog yoga instructor”
A person who can take care of your pet’s health
It’s an absolutely necessary situation.
I think it has an infinite view.
I said it.