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Getting out of burnout syndrome.

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It refers to a state in which a person who was motivated to work feels extremely tired mentally and physically and becomes lethargic. It is the first psychological term used by Herbert Freudenberger, an American psychoanalyst, and is called Burnout syndrome because it is like burnt fuel, and is also called Burnout syndrome, Combustion syndrome, and Exhaustion syndrome. The stronger the self-delegation, the stronger the burnout syndrome symptoms.

Burnout syndrome.

1. I feel lethargic and weak.

2. You lose motivation for work and suddenly do your passion.

3. The contradictory state persists and collapses at some point.

4. Get annoyed easily and get angry.

5. If there is no work, severe anxiety appears.

6. They suffer from chronic low back pain, headache, cough, etc.

After suffering from heavy work, the lethargic state without any motivation persists, and I think I should do it with my head, but my body doesn’t listen. Chronic fatigue increases irritation and anger, and conflicts with people around you are also engulfed. Suddenly, when you don’t have work, you feel severe anxiety, and you suffer from chronic low back pain, headache, and cough.

Who will get burnout syndrome?

Not only office workers suffering from continuous overtime, weekend work, and heavy work, but also self-employed, housewives, and students can suffer from burnout syndrome. People with a impatient personality, people suffering from obsession, people who can’t relieve stress, people with strong responsibility, and those who seek perfection are relatively likely to fall into burnout syndrome.

Getting out of burnout syndrome.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defined burnout syndrome as “a syndrome conceptualized as poorly managed, chronic workplace stress.” It was judged as a factor that could affect health conditions. How can I get out of burnout syndrome?

– Don’t worry alone, talk to your family, friends, and colleagues.

– Take care of your work within the designated business hours and don’t take your work home.

– Have your own break time as a hobby or exercise.

– Accept the burnout state and think about what I really want.

You are doing well enough.

Don’t bother yourself with anxiety and frustration.