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How to enjoy the flavor of prawns.

source : pixabay

How to distinguish fresh and delicious prawns.

There are words that cannot be overemphasized. The taste of the food depends on the freshness of the ingredients! Here are all the fresh and delicious prawns that announce the start of cooking.

(1) Check the transparency of the body.

You have to choose one that has a transparent head and a good visibility of intestines.

(2) Check the gloss of the body.

It’s good to have a shiny body.

(3) Check the hardness of the shell.

When you touch the shell, you can feel the elasticity and it’s good to be hard.

In addition, the natural treatment is characterized by a shiny and slightly reddish body. However, the redness of the neck may be a phenomenon that occurs during the process of injury.

Shrimp? White-legged shrimp? Similar looks!

Different sizes! Different flavors!

Shrimp and white-legged shrimp are distinctly different creatures, but at first glance, you may be a little confused because of their similar appearance, and in order to distinguish between prawns and white-legged shrimp, you need to check the following three.

It is the length of the horn, the length of the beard, and the color of the tail.

(1) The length of the horn.

While the horn of the bamboo pole is longer than the head, the horn of the white-legged shrimp is shorter than the head.

(2) The length of the beard.

The length of the beard is about twice that of the body, but the white-legged shrimp has a short beard.

(3) Tail color.

The bamboo is green, and the tail of the white-legged shrimp is red.

Step 2. How to prepare jumbo shrimp.

As for the type of shrimp, you need to trim the hard shell so that you can taste the tender flesh inside. You have to trim it well so that you can feel the taste of shrimp abundantly. First of all, use scissors to remove horns that can hurt your mouth when eating. And poke the intestines in the second joint from the back of the prawn with a toothpick to remove the water gun from the last tail. If you remove the intestines of shrimp, the bitter taste will also be removed, so you can taste sweeter shrimp.