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How to overcome “lethargy” as an unwelcome guest.

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There is a scary customer coming at least once. It is ” lethargy,” a customer who penetrates into me little by little even after running hard in daily life. As I go through the process of experiencing and overcoming it several times, I have my own know-how to overcome lethargy little by little, but I’m a difficult customer every time I really don’t like it.

What do I really want?

Are you happy now?

Are you satisfied with what you’re doing?

How do you want to live?

At first, the questions rushing into the collapsed bank on a strong current were too much for me. I always want to run away and let go of everything. I sometimes count my feelings in the chaos of emotions where I don’t know if it’s depression, loneliness, or lethargy. When I met a person, my heart was not resolved. The only thing that came back after a day of ephemeral stories was “empty,” not solving my problems.

When I was in my 20s, my favorite way was reading. When I turned over a book that I could reach at the bookstore for half a day when burnout came or helplessness that I couldn’t feel an answer, the story of the author’s experience and the message I wanted to convey gave me a small realization. Reading was the most optimized tool for expanding the ‘prism’ of my thoughts.

But it’s weird. The medicine of “reading” did not last long. The width of my thoughts widened and deepened, but my body was still attached to the sofa and bed or remained in my thoughts. When the ideal seen in the enjoyment of the book returns to the same routine with the children, you sigh as if you realized that it was a “dream.” It seems as if he was staying in a “thinkinger” who only thinks and reflects hard.


I got a phone call from an old colleague teacher who rang after a long time. He’s one of the few people I’m glad to hear the phone ring. She always nags me to stop thinking and “do it” for now.

We usually don’t talk about individual daily life when we meet. These days, we mainly talk about work, such as what kind of work we are interested in, what kind of lecture content we are thinking about, and what kind of work we are expanding tomorrow.

That day was also a day without reservation. “I’m lethargic these days.” I meet them because they want to have lunch with their complaints. There was no time to mix the word lethargy in the story together. As soon as I met her, she asked for my opinion on what she is currently pursuing and what she is doing, and she takes time to actively devise content together.

After spending about an hour talking about work, I felt that the helplessness that dominated me until now was escaping from my body. I didn’t have time to feel depressed or lethargic because I focused on other thoughts, not on myself.

It’s as if the helplessness, which seemed unlikely to disappear until I was forced to go to work on Monday, was extinguished from my busy daily life for half a day.

In experience, looking into the emotion for a long time and breaking up did not clear the emotion like a sunny sky cleared of rain clouds. The lethargy and depression did not improve just by reflecting on me, meditating, and reading constantly for a long time.

After a really long time, I think I’ve learned to deal with lethargic guests who came to me. The way I choose is to look for busy things first, rather than leaving them in that emotion for a long time.

In order not to stay in this feeling right now, I mean “something to be immersed” to deal with my nerves. I always find new things that will instill experience and potential in my work in the future, such as creating work, the position of a “leader” I don’t have to do, entering graduate school and studying, and now and in the course of “book writing” I choose.

It can’t be said that customers who come are unconditionally bad. Sometimes this is also a sign of the change I need. First of all, let’s just greet for a while, “You’re back…” and recharge in that emotion and look back on me.

Let’s not trust my will. It is necessary to create an ‘environment’ that I have no choice but to believe in my will.