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The effect of 108 times Buddhist exercise.

source : pixabay

When you go to a temple, Buddhists…

You can see him doing that.

108 times more to overcome anguish.

It’s a Buddhist practice Buddhism.

These days, even if it’s not Buddhist,

There are a lot of people who exercise 108 times.

Even on the show, the actresses…

Every morning, 108 times more.

I was able to see you do that.

108 times more exercise and health.

The amount of exercise equivalent to jogging.

Put your hands together, kneel, kneel down.

Raise your upper body – Stand up

It’s going to be in order.

If you bow, you lie down. Standing up.

It stimulates your whole body muscles during the process.

You can strengthen your muscles.

When you bend and stretch your back and stomach, it stimulates your abdomen.

When you bend your body, your hip and hip muscles…

It stimulates your skin and helps you exercise.

·If you do 108 times for 20 minutes,

It consumes about 100 to 150 calories.

It helps you lose weight.

·Relieved headache.

People with a lot of stress in modern people…

People who suffer from headaches and insomnia,

There are so many.

108 times, bend your body.

While you’re bowing your head, your blood…

It’s enough for my hair to be careful.

It contains enough nutrients for your brain,

The oxygenation clears my head.

It helps relieve headaches.

·Posture correction.

People who sit down for a long time

you may experience symptoms of bending your spine.

If you do 108 times, your whole body muscles…

It strengthens your spine.

It helps you get into the right position.

How to exercise 108 times.

Before I start 108 times,

By stretching enough,

Flexibility of muscles and joints.

I need to secure it.

Also, cushions, wrists, knee pads, etc.

It’s good to wear it to prevent the risk of injury.

I take a break every 20 minutes.

It reduces the burden on your knees.

1. Just half the width of your shoulders.

Stand with your arms open and put them together.

2. Put your hands down.

Stretch your arms and put your back behind you.

Spin it and put it above your head.

3. Twist your arms like a circle.

Lower your upper body as you go forward.

I’ll make it into a “k” shape.

4. Bend your knees and use both hands.

Put your head forward, put your head on the floor.

Bend down naturally.

5. Sit on your knees. Elbow and forehead.

Put it on the floor.

6. Both hands on the floor.

Turn it upside down with your palms facing up.

Raise it to the level of your ears.

7. Put your arms on the floor and raise your head.

8. Raise your upper body completely.

Put your hands together and then your legs…

Use the strength of your back to get up lightly.