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The importance of rest.

source : pixabay

Muscles can adapt to overload and grow and induce another growth as a stronger load than before. The principle of gradual overload leads to such or slightly more dominant loads on the growing muscles so that they can adapt anew. However, depending on nervous system fatigue, injury, and conditions on the day, there is a difference in theory from the best strength and actual training strength that muscles can exert.

These differences are deeply related to recovery. Recovery from previous exercise may not reach a certain level, accumulate sleep deprivation, fatigue in the nervous system, and damage to the tendon and ligaments may not lead to the necessary intensity. The worst-case scenario is to apply threshold stress enough not to recover from an incomplete recovery. Recovery is important as this is a shortcut to a rapid decline in condition and falling into the swamp of over-training.

General adaptation syndrome.

You need that kind of rest to recover. However, there is a limit to the amount of recovery that can be obtained from rest. The ultimate purpose of rest is over-recovery, and for this over-recovery, it is weaker than the recovery dose, but it should provide optimal strength to stimulate muscle growth. Referring to the graph, it can be seen that when the strength is too strong, the benefit through damage and recovery is zero island. Conversely, if appropriate strength is given, muscle growth through over-recovery can be expected.

The purpose of rest is to adapt through recovery and prepare for a new overload. Care should be taken to maintain that level of over-recovered muscles through fatigue management. If the strength is not maintained and gradually falls apart, there is no law that muscles will also grow or maintain. Overtraining is closer than expected. Exposure to stress above the cumulative and recovery thresholds of fatigue for a long period of time makes it difficult to adapt to gradual overload.

Let’s not be too obsessed with exercise. Days when you can’t exercise or don’t do well are rather good. This is because he found the perfect timing for sufficient rest and recovery. Eat well, rest well, don’t get stressed, and always enjoy exercising!