The influence of pets on our child’s emotions.

source : pixabay

Especially in homes where the number of households living with pets increases,

I’m starting to worry a lot about my child. The reason is, the younger the child, the less developed the bronchial tubes are.

Since I’m in that state, the fur and smells that fall out of the dog can have a bad effect.

This is because there are many people here.

However, there’s also a good influence.

Today’s theme is The Influence of Puppies on Our Child’s Emotions.

One of the good effects of dogs on children is “increasing affinity and easing personality.”

So, parents of children sometimes decide to adopt pets, especially when raising pets.

It fosters social skills as well as affinity, and the more feisty or quiet people are, the more pets they are,

If you become friends, your personality becomes gentler and softer, and it’s very good because the number of times you talk to each other increases.

Certainly, children who live with pets increase their active personality, activity, and exercise.

As you have to walk your dog several times a week, your outdoor activities will increase much more than before.

If that happens, the child’s activity will increase and the amount of exercise will increase, increasing the intimacy with pets.

You will be able to enjoy a much healthier life than before.

When a dog stays with a child, responsibility increases, especially for friends who were only children.

What I always thought about was that I had a family with a new friend called a puppy.

With the fact that I have to take care of someone, I have a sense of responsibility and leadership.

As customized training is provided, there are more things to learn in many ways.

As you get along with dogs and children, you will inevitably have minor drawbacks,

As expected, you can think of it as having many advantages. For children’s emotions and family.

In order to build strong friendship, pets can become better friends or family than anyone else.

I hope you can recognize it.