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What are the symptoms of bipolar affective disorder?

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Bipolar affective disorder is…
Mania and depression.
It comes out alternately.
It’s a disease.
These mood swings…
It might be maintained for a long time,
It disappeared temporarily and then again.
It is also common to recur.

Manipulation is full of confidence.
I’m in a good mood.
To make it for me.
To strangers,
I’m just cheerful and energetic.
It could be thought of.
He knows patients well.
From the perspective of family and acquaintances,
It’s different from usual.
It can be detected.

This can even raise the excitement.
If you’re too sensitive,
You can also get excited well.

And after that period,
The depression that comes…
Thoughts about death, negative thoughts,
Decreased motivation, lethargy…
It will be accompanied.

Bipolar affective disorder type is
There are two main types.
We can split it up.
The other one is the manic illustration.
It refers to the appearance.
The rest of them aren’t that much.
It means that mild symptoms occur.

A significant difference in the prevalence of men and women is
I can’t see it.
Rather than having only one depression,
It is characterized by an early onset.

In psychoanalysis, you need to develop your own depression.
I didn’t accept it.
I think that recoil makes you feel manic.
There’s also sight.

When depression disappears and mania comes out,
I want to be confident and do many things.
You become motivated.
If you don’t know it well,
It might seem positive.

But objectively,
You can try something you can’t do.
In areas where you don’t have any special knowledge,
He pretends to know about it.
There’s a problem.
Please keep that in mind.
That’s desirable.

Not only that, but also delusions of grandeur.
I was able to show up.
About the scenes and celebrities,
We have a special relationship.
Even in the case of claiming,
It can happen.

The leap forward in accidents got worse.
We chat a lot.
The topic of conversation…
It keeps changing.
We can’t even have an important meeting.
It can interfere with social life.
It’s called a disease.

When depression begins, it’s very different…
you’ll be able to see them.
It’s a general form.
It’s similar to depression.
Bipolar affective disorder (bipolar disorder)
Because of that,
It complains of lethargy and sagging feeling.
It is known that there are more cases.

Uniquely, I’m a bit frustrated and anxious.
It doesn’t come out alternately.
It can be expressed at the same time.
It requires close diagnosis and treatment.
It must be a disease.
Bipolar affective disorder is…
Around the age of 30,
There are many cases where it develops,
You can’t limit it to a specific age.
You have to be aware that there is no such thing.