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What is “meditation”?

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Close your eyes and think deeply.

The body and mind that are connected as one.

It’s a training exercise.

I don’t feel like I rested. I’m lethargic no matter what I do.

I can’t concentrate or immerse myself.

I always have a lot of thoughts about modern people.

Experts say that places that really need to recover from fatigue

It’s not “body” but “brain”.

I think mental health is important!

Like this, “Meditation”…

It increases stress and brain fatigue.

It calms down the sympathetic nerves.

The parasympathetic nerves (heart, plain muscles, glands, etc.

The nerves that control the structure)

It’s effective.

In other words, meditating helps to recover from brain fatigue.

You get neurological diseases such as panic.

you can get the effect of preventing and treating it!

Let’s see what meditation can do you know.

Let’s find out how to start meditation.

The effect of meditation.

1. What you’re doing or what’s happening.

You don’t have to doubt your feelings or thoughts.

It can be accepted as it is.

2. Being thankful and happy for small things.

You can truly feel it.

3. You can deal with and relieve stress objectively.

4. Concentration increases.

If you do it, there might be more advantages.

The emotions that you can feel while meditating