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What kind of condition is constipation?

About 16.5% of the total population perceives themselves to have constipation.

(16.5%) includes me…(Laughs)


Constipation is common and tends to be underestimated.

Changes in bowel movements can be an important indicator of digestive problems.

It’s a disease that can affect daily life and social life.

If the symptoms worsen, appropriate treatment will be needed.

If your bowel movement is less than once every 3-4 days, If you have a hard stool, I’ll have a small amount of stool, The feeling of residual stool that seems to have left a stool.

When you defecate, you have to put too much strength on it.

Medically, this phenomenon is more than a quarter of all bowel movements.

If it lasts more than 3 months, it is defined as constipation.

Different types of constipation.

1) Acute constipation (workable simple constipation)

​Urinary activities are affected by sudden changes in living conditions such as hospitalization and directors.

Most of them recover by adapting to the environment.

2) Relaxing constipation (colorectal helplessness, colon constipation)

Decreased mobility of the large intestine, caused by inability to push the stool toward the anus.

In the case where the function of exercise weakens due to aging of the large intestine,

In the case where the function of intestinal motility cells deteriorates due to overdose of irritating agents,

It stays in the large intestine for a long time and forms a thick stool that has lost moisture.

You can touch your bowels in your lower abdomen.

My stomach is swollen because of my old stool.

3) Spastic constipation.

As a result of the colon’s excitement and convulsions, it is caused by not being able to pass through a part of the mutant intestine.

The form of constipation that usually occurs in irritable bowel syndrome.

It is mainly caused by excessive mental stress or emotional changes.

I have a strong bowel movement but I don’t have a good bowel movement.

It’s watery, thin, hard, and round.

Even if you defecate, you don’t feel refreshed, your stomach is bloated, and you can feel the gas. You can get stomachaches and headaches.

4) Workplace-type constipation (pelvic exit obstruction, anal rectal constipation)​

Problems occur in the process of stool coming down to the rectum and discharging.

If it’s caused by a bowel movement habit that forces you to hold your bowels, When the function of the external sphincter or internal sphincter weakens, intestinal hyperplasia caused by contact with the rectal mucosa during defecation, In the case of women, the wall between the workplace and the vaginal wall weakens, It can be caused by rectal flow caused by an increase in rectal pressure during defecation and the rectal wall is rolled toward the vagina.