Don’t skip cardio just because it’s cold.

Steady aerobic exercise can be said to be a way to increase energy consumption rather than just controlling the amount of meals to lose weight. Since fat is mainly used as fuel, unnecessary body fat reduction in the body can help prevent and treat adult diseases.

In addition, steady aerobic exercise can improve cardiopulmonary function, improve athletic ability and endurance, as well as reduce stress, which can provide mental and physical stability. It is helpful not only for cardiovascular diseases but also for diseases such as diabetes and hyperlipidemia.

For those who don’t exercise often, sudden exercise can be poisonous, so you should exercise without overdoing it. Excessive exercise can lead to problems such as shortness of breath and muscle pain. Even during aerobic exercise, it can be helpful to start with walking exercise.

Do cardio like this!

1. Walking.

In the case of walking exercise, it is recommended to walk steadily for at least 30 minutes a day. If it’s not too much, it’s good to walk a little faster. It is said that steady walking exercises strengthen the muscles and bones of the whole body, reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

Since it can put less pressure on the joints than running, it reduces the possibility of poor joint health, strengthens the muscles in the joints, and prevents arthritis from worsening.

2. Bicycle.

Riding a bicycle strengthens cardiopulmonary endurance and helps lose weight. In fact, according to the WHO, riding a bicycle steadily for more than a year can reduce the likelihood of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. It can be said to be a good exercise to do steadily because the physical burden and the probability of injury are low.

3. Swimming.

If you need to take care of your joint health because it can reduce the burden on your joints, swimming during aerobic exercise can be helpful. However, since you need to rotate your shoulders when swimming, you need to be careful if you have bad shoulders, and you need to warm up and do finishing exercises.

Precautions for aerobic exercise.

Even if it’s a helpful aerobic exercise, you shouldn’t do excessive exercise that doesn’t fit your physical strength. If the intensity of exercise is too hard compared to your physical strength, symptoms such as short breathing, chest pain, and muscle pain can occur. In this case, you should stop exercising immediately and take a rest.

You also need to warm up and clean up before doing this exercise. It can prevent possible injuries to the heart, joints, and muscles. It’s a good idea to know which part the selected exercise usually uses and release it in advance.

Also, it may be helpful to drink water while exercising, so please refer to it.