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The reason why you shouldn’t think of rest as a waste of time.

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Studies have shown that people who think of break time as a “waste of time” are more associated with depression, anxiety, and stress.
Different people have different ways to relax. Some people spend intellectual time reading, and others prefer to do physical activities like hiking. Also, some people spend a relaxing time watching movies or playing games.

Although each of these ways of relaxing is different, the common important part is the attitude toward relaxation. According to previous studies, the better you spend your break time, the better your mental and physical health, the better your happiness, and the power to return to society.

Conversely, according to a new study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, those who think of relaxation as a “waste of time” or believe that it is an “unproductive time” did not fully enjoy the break and even showed a deeper connection with various emotional disorders.

The research team recently recruited 302 people who enjoyed Halloween. And five questions were asked to determine how much fun activities such as parties, eating out, and visiting haunted houses were, and whether they thought this time was a waste of time.

As a result of the answer analysis, the more people who answered that time such as participation in parties was wasteful and unproductive, the more they did not enjoy this time properly.

In the second experiment, the study was conducted based on more routine breaks. The same questions as the first experiment were asked about the break time spent in daily life, such as spending time with friends, watching TV, and meditation, and the participants’ happiness, depression, anxiety, and stress levels were measured.

As a result, as in the previous experiment, those who believed that their break time was a waste of time did not enjoy leisure properly. In addition, happiness, depression, anxiety, and stress were more severe, which could cause emotional and physical well-being to decrease, the research team explained.

In the last experiment, the research team conducted an experiment showing participants an article published in the New York Times. This is not actually an article in the New York Times, but fake news created by a research team. Participants in the experiment were divided into four teams, each reading an article saying that rest is a waste of time, rest is an unproductive time, rest is a productive time, and a coffee machine unrelated to this. The research team then showed interesting cat videos and evaluated how much fun it was to watch the videos.

As a result, people who read articles that rest was wasteful or unproductive time were less pleased to watch cat videos than those in other groups. In other words, it means that when the research team induced the participants to think that resting was a waste of time, they did not actually enjoy their leisure time properly.

The research team explained that the more negative the evaluation of rest, the more important it is to spend the rest, but what perspective it sees as rest also affects the quality of rest. In addition, he explained that it is important to rest properly when resting in that you can spend other days well.

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Cultivating plants. The reason why you need to grow plants?

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1. The indoor air purification effect.

The first benefit is that plants purify the indoor air cleanly.

The air purification effect, which is the biggest reason why many people know or grow plants!

Plants photosynthesize and supply us with oxygen.

The oxygen produced by plants is fine dust, removing harmful substances from various chemicals, etc.

It also has the effect of a natural humidifier by emitting clean water vapor through leaves.

Plants also emit negative ions to neutralize the pollutants, cations.

Wow, this is enough for me to start growing plants at home. 🙂

It removes volatile substances and bad air from homes.

Plants are a gift from nature that humans need.♡

Tip. The more plants there are in the home and the larger the area of the leaves, the more fine dust or harmful substances are removed and humidified, etc.

It has a lot of beneficial effects.^_^

2. Emotionally stable.

Second, it is said that alpha waves are generated when humans are comfortable.

Alpha blue is one of the brain waves of humans, and it is said that normal adults can see it while relaxing and resting. 🙂

Such beneficial alpha waves! It is said to be released from green plants.

Therefore, we can heal plants’ stress and relieve fatigue.

Wow! The relationship between plants and people is this good.♡

That’s why in our lives, nature and green plants are together anywhere.

You’ll be able to think of it easily now.

For example, pots in various indoor spaces or landscaping facilities located on the roof of a building.

Also, you may have seen that there are many trees lined up around the public road.

In order to improve the quality of life,

It can be seen as putting nature and plants close to us.

3. Interior and decoration effects.

Third, based on the two things I mentioned earlier, let’s naturally…

These are the effects of creating a natural environment with people.

Even great and wonderful buildings have plants around them or in indoor spaces.

If you place the right plants in each space,

You can create an environment with comfort and completeness. 🙂

Also, if you decorate the plants suitable for the indoor space, the atmosphere of the house will be more sophisticated.

It can also have an outstanding effect.

In an indoor space with a natural feeling that’s not artificial, it’s natural.

It is said that it is good to make it stand out.

Depending on the type of plant or using various firearms such as baskets, pots, and stones,

I can make it into a space that you want. 🙂

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The positive effects of dogs.

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Cardiovascular disease prevention effect.

According to a 2019 analysis of about 4 million people in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and Northern Europe, dog owners can reduce the risk of premature death by 24%. If the person has already had a heart attack or stroke, the probability of dying from cardiovascular disease is not 31 percent lower.

This study was criticized for not taking into account other factors such as other diseases or social and economic status into account. However, another large-scale study published that year showed that people with major cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks or strokes have higher survival rates when raising dogs. In the case of heart attack survivors living alone, the risk of death is 33% lower in raising dogs than in the case of not raising dogs. In addition, stroke survivors living alone had a 27% lower risk of death when raising dogs than when they did not.

The effect of preventing diabetes.

The American Heart Association (AHA) has chosen to raise dogs as one of its health lists that reduce the risk of diabetes. The AHA said, “People who regularly walk their dogs are at a one-third risk of diabetes compared to those who do not have dogs.” In addition, raising a dog is a great help socially and emotionally and allows us to predict behavioral changes that can lose weight.

In particular, the benefits of aerobic exercise are not for raising cats, horses, or pets, but only for raising dogs. The AHA said that unlike other pets, dogs who need to walk more than once a day exercise for about 30 more minutes a day than those who do not.

It helps to stabilize your emotions when you’re stressed out.

Meghan Mueller, co-director of the Tuffs Institute for Human-Animal Interaction, said, “Rather than asking, ‘Is your companion animal better for us?”, or ‘Is it better to ask which of us is the right combination for a specific companion animal and a specific person?'” He said, “There are many studies showing that raising pets reduces stress for people in unstable situations.” Professor Hairzog said, “Research has repeatedly shown that raising pets improves people’s mood and reduces bad mood,” adding, “There is no denying that human-animal interactions have immediate and physiological short-term benefits.”

The effects on depression are half and half.

But I can’t say the same thing about depression yet. Professor Hairzog conducted as many as 30 studies in this regard, and 18 studies found no difference in depression between the owner of the pet and those who did not. In five studies, pets alleviated depression and in five studies, depression worsened. The conclusion was unclear in the remaining two studies.

In a study of the elderly conducted by Director Mueller, it was found that the elderly raising antimicrobial animals were twice as likely to have suffered from depression in the past, but recently they did not suffer from depression. It was unclear whether they had depression because they raised pets or whether they got out of depression thanks to raising pets.

It helps children stabilize their emotions.

One of the reasons why the correlation between pets and health is very unclear is that it is impossible to conduct a control experiment to randomly assign pets to the experimental group while controlling all other factors. Director Mueller explained, “Random research is difficult because most people try to choose on their own whether to raise pets or not, and they try to choose on their own which pets to raise.”

Research has begun to solve the problem as the National Institutes of Health and the Walsom Pet Management Research Institute in the UK have offered $9 million in research aid. In a 2015 experiment on children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), it was found that children who read books to pets improved their sharing, cooperation, service, and behavioral problems more than children who read books to stuffed animals. It was also found that autistic children are more calm and interact more when they are with guinea pigs than when they are toys.

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The art of reconciliation between couples.

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The technique of reconciliation between couples based on situations.
Situation 1. How to apologize when you do something wrong or say sorry.
First of all, I admit that I did inappropriate actions and words. If you make excuses even though you know you did something wrong, you make your spouse more angry. “I’m sorry. I made you angry with those actions and words. I’ll be careful from next time,” he says. The feeling of sorry and empathy that it deserves to be angry quickly eliminates the conflict.

Situation 2. How to make up for a fight caused by a difference in position and not being able to make up with each other’s mistakes.
In this case, you need time to think. Mr. and Mrs. Min Ok-ki, a counselor for the couple, says, “It is better to suggest a timeout to take a short break and think about it for even five minutes.”

Situation 3. How to end the Cold War if the Cold War is old.
I take courage with the feeling that losing is winning. “Are you back?” “Let’s eat!”Let’s open the door for reconciliation with everyday words like this. If your mouth doesn’t drop, I recommend a message saying, “Shall we go on a date tonight?”

Situation 4. How to make up when you fight in front of your children.
It adheres to the principle of “If you fought in front of your children, you can also show how to reconcile.” If they act casually the next day without showing signs of reconciliation, their children may become indifferent to their parents’ behavior and their respect for their parents may disappear. Don’t attack each other again or make excuses, admit your mistakes and apologize sincerely. In addition, you should reassure your child by saying, “I’m sorry I couldn’t show you good performance due to conflicts of opinion,” and “I made up, so don’t worry.”

If you want to make up…Don’t force us to make up!
If your spouse does not relieve anger even though you said or acted to make up, think about whether you made up properly. “You’re like this, so I was like this.” I’m sorry.’ You can’t apologize like that. This is why you are angry. You need a conscious approach.

Min Ok-ki, a counsellor of the couple, advises, “If anyone is angry or angry, it is not comfortable, so if your spouse admits and apologizes with a true heart, most of them accept it,” and “If you do something wrong, you should not hesitate to apologize and make up right away.” However, you should not force them to forgive you for apologizing even though you hurt them.

There are also actions that should not be done when reconciling. You should say sorry to your angry spouse and not try to ignore it like a joke or be sarcastic.

To accept reconciliation… Make up for me!
If you have received an apology, you should know that forgiveness is actually for you, not for you. It’s not good for me to keep living with a heavy heart. If you think, “I don’t do that, but what’s wrong with my spouse?” you can’t forgive me comfortably. If you think, “It could be like that,” it becomes easier to forgive. Let’s keep in mind that if you pretend you can’t win anything, your spouse will be on my side forever.

“TIP. Reconciliation is not the end!” “Things to Do After Reconciliation”.

1. If you decide to believe, I will really believe you.

2. Try not to repeat the mistakes that made the fight.

3. Even if they fight over the same thing again, they fight over only the problem, not the other one.

4. If you said something extreme like “Let’s divorce” when you were fighting, don’t just let it go and apologize.

5. Don’t be afraid to show your feelings just because you fought, and express your honest feelings from time to time.


Food that’s positive for your health.

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Many people say that fat is not good for health and obesity.

Because it causes it, you should eat less.

That’s what I think. But fat…

Along with carbohydrates and proteins, our body’s main focus is…

It’s one of the energy sources and fat-soluble vitamins.

It also helps absorb it.

So, it’s not about reducing fat intake.

You need to be able to distinguish between good and bad fat.

And through foods that reduce bad fat,

It’s a good idea to stay healthy.

It makes you feel full for a long time.

1. Sweet potatoes.

Diet food reminds me of eggs.

I think that’s what sweet potatoes are.

This is due to resistant starch.

Resistant starch makes you feel full for up to 24 hours.

It gives you the amount of calories you consume all day long.

It can be reduced by 320kcal.

That’s why it’s very effective in dieting.

It controls your appetite with sweet taste.

2. Berry.

Blueberries, acai berries, cyberries, etc.

It’s a fruit. The characteristics of these fruits are…

It is rich in moisture and dietary fiber.

Therefore, it’s good for maintaining satiety for a long time.

It’s rich in antioxidants, so it’s good for your body

It is also effective in preventing damage. also

Because it tastes sweet, I’m on a diet.

If you eat berries when you want to eat food,

It can prevent bad fat from accumulating.

It gives you a boost in your stomach fat.

3. Green tea.

Catechin, an ingredient in green tea, is cholesterol in the blood.

It’s a representative ingredient to help improve the level.

It’s known. When I’m on a diet,

It is one of the most recommended foods.

However, it is not good to eat right after meals.

Catechin and tannin are calcium, protein, iron,

This is because it prevents nutrients from being absorbed.

So, after about an hour after eating,

It’s good to eat on an empty stomach.

It’s high in calories, but it helps you lose weight.

4. Avocado.

160kcal per 100g and more than 60% fat content.

It’s high enough to take up calories.

It’s a fruit, but regardless of calories,

It’s a food with advantages.

Avocado is composed of single unsaturated fatty acids.

There is. According to a study, triglycerides.

It lowers the level of fat and raises the level of fat.

It’s effective. In addition, potassium, lutein,

Carotenoids, beta-carotene, lycopene, omega 3…

It contains a lot of healthy nutrients, so it’s good for your health.

It has a high content of mild fat, and it makes you feel full.

As long as it lasts, it’s effective for dieting,

Since it’s high in calories, I’ll put a lot of calories

If you eat it, you can gain weight.

You need to control your intake.

It prevents overeating and makes you feel full.

5. Watermelon.

Watermelon with 90% water content

Not only does it make you feel full, but slowly saturated fat…

It helps to remove it. This is a watermelon.

Because of the lycopene component, which is a homeostatic substance,

You can get a positive effect on your diet.

Besides that, 200g of watermelon is needed for a day.

It contains about 30% of vitamin C.

It also includes iron, potassium, and vitamin B6.

Full of good fat.

6. Almonds.

Almonds have dietary fiber and single unsaturated fatty acids.

It’s rich in ingredients, and it’s good for intestinal health.

It is also effective in preventing constipation.

In particular, according to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity,

A balanced diet including almonds is cholesterol.

It’s good for lowering the level of fat.

It’s one of the good foods to get rid of.