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What is “meditation”?

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Close your eyes and think deeply.

The body and mind that are connected as one.

It’s a training exercise.

I don’t feel like I rested. I’m lethargic no matter what I do.

I can’t concentrate or immerse myself.

I always have a lot of thoughts about modern people.

Experts say that places that really need to recover from fatigue

It’s not “body” but “brain”.

I think mental health is important!

Like this, “Meditation”…

It increases stress and brain fatigue.

It calms down the sympathetic nerves.

The parasympathetic nerves (heart, plain muscles, glands, etc.

The nerves that control the structure)

It’s effective.

In other words, meditating helps to recover from brain fatigue.

You get neurological diseases such as panic.

you can get the effect of preventing and treating it!

Let’s see what meditation can do you know.

Let’s find out how to start meditation.

The effect of meditation.

1. What you’re doing or what’s happening.

You don’t have to doubt your feelings or thoughts.

It can be accepted as it is.

2. Being thankful and happy for small things.

You can truly feel it.

3. You can deal with and relieve stress objectively.

4. Concentration increases.

If you do it, there might be more advantages.

The emotions that you can feel while meditating

Mental Care other tips

7 positive effects of exercising.

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1. It reduces bad cholesterol in your body.

The best way to stay healthy is to exercise steadily. Regular exercise can reduce the level of bad cholesterol that causes blood circulation disorders and increase the level of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, a good cholesterol. Cleaner and stronger blood vessels can also help prevent various vascular diseases.

2. The quality of sleep increases.

Moderate exercise is also a way to improve sleep quality. That’s why people who can’t sleep well or have insomnia are advised to exercise for a certain period of time, but exercise too much intensity or exercise just before going to bed can interfere with sleep, so be careful. The right time to exercise is five to six hours before sleep.

3. Reduce depression and anxiety.

If you exercise steadily and move your body vigorously, it relieves accumulated stress and makes you feel happy, helping to relieve depression and anxiety.

4. Lower blood pressure.

It makes the same sense as reducing bad cholesterol. Exercise not only removes bad waste accumulated in blood vessels, but also increases blood vessel elasticity. So not only young people but also elderly people who are experiencing aging need to exercise. This is because vascular aging reduces vascular elasticity. However, exercise to raise blood pressure excessively, such as lifting heavy dumbbells without muscle strength, can be dangerous, so be careful.

5. Metabolic rate increase.

When you exercise, you gain muscles, and when you gain muscles, your basal metabolism increases. When there are two people who eat the same amount of food, people with high basal metabolism do not burn and store calories in the food they eat, while people with low basal metabolism can easily gain weight because they want to stock up on the food they eat.

6. Prevention of heart disease.

Exercise increases blood circulation and increases heart rate. The heart contracts and expands rapidly to help the body operate smoothly by sending out blood quickly. If the heart rate continues to increase through exercise, the heart can strengthen and help prevent heart disease.

7. Increased range of activity in joints.

Machines that have not moved for a long time are rusty and do not work well. Likewise, if the human body does not use it for a long time and moves only to the extent it is used every day, the joints become stiff, so when you want to move greatly, it doesn’t go as you want and you feel pain. On the contrary, exercising and stretching habits increase the range of joints, making them easier to move and flexible.

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Abalone, the best tonic food given by the sea.

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Abalone is contained in an ear-like shell wrapped in a hard, round rim of the outer shell. The shell is swirl-shaped, mostly rolled to the left, and there are four to five holes in the highest part of the shell. The shell is 15-20cm long.

The taste of seaweed from the intestines is especially a delicacy because it lives on a reef of about 20 to 60cm deep and feeds on seaweed or kelp. Male and female can be distinguished by reproductive color, and when it is dark green, it is female and yellowish male.

Abalone is a high-protein, low-calorie, low-calorie food. The high content of taurine has the effect of dissolving gallstones, detoxifying soy sauce, lowering cholesterol in the body, and improving heart function. It has a lot of amino acids such as methionine and cysteine, which promote detoxification of the liver and has a lot of vitamin A, which is good for rejuvenation and fatigue after the disease. It is rich in vitamins B1, B2, and niacin, so it has a great effect when the mother’s milk is not coming out well.

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Source of abalone garlic steak.

Abalone taurine and amino acids such as arginine, methionine, and cysteine play an important role in creating the taste in harmony with the unique crunchy texture. Abalone garlic steak with grilled garlic is an excellent dish in terms of taste and nutrition.


Abalone, cherry tomatoes, paprika, chicory, red chicory, garlic, salt, pepper, olive.

Order of cooking.

1. Clean the abalone with a brush, remove the intestines and teeth, cut it into three pieces and cut it diagonally.

2. Marinate the trimmed abalone with salt, pepper, and olive oil.

3. Wash vegetables (bellied tomatoes, paprika, chicory, and red chicory) clean and cut them into bite-size pieces.

4. Cut garlic into pieces.

5. Make balsamic sauce (balsamic vinegar, plum extract, olive oil, salt, pepper).

6. Heat the frying pan over high heat, grill the abalone, and grill the sliced garlic together.

7. Put grilled abalone and garlic on one side on a plate and put vegetables beautifully.

8. Finish by spraying the balsamic sauce made before eating.

Cooking tip.

① Stir-fry abalone and garlic on butter without sprinkling balsamic sauce to create a different taste.

② Wash the abalone skin clean and put the dish in to make it look cool.

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How to enjoy the flavor of prawns.

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How to distinguish fresh and delicious prawns.

There are words that cannot be overemphasized. The taste of the food depends on the freshness of the ingredients! Here are all the fresh and delicious prawns that announce the start of cooking.

(1) Check the transparency of the body.

You have to choose one that has a transparent head and a good visibility of intestines.

(2) Check the gloss of the body.

It’s good to have a shiny body.

(3) Check the hardness of the shell.

When you touch the shell, you can feel the elasticity and it’s good to be hard.

In addition, the natural treatment is characterized by a shiny and slightly reddish body. However, the redness of the neck may be a phenomenon that occurs during the process of injury.

Shrimp? White-legged shrimp? Similar looks!

Different sizes! Different flavors!

Shrimp and white-legged shrimp are distinctly different creatures, but at first glance, you may be a little confused because of their similar appearance, and in order to distinguish between prawns and white-legged shrimp, you need to check the following three.

It is the length of the horn, the length of the beard, and the color of the tail.

(1) The length of the horn.

While the horn of the bamboo pole is longer than the head, the horn of the white-legged shrimp is shorter than the head.

(2) The length of the beard.

The length of the beard is about twice that of the body, but the white-legged shrimp has a short beard.

(3) Tail color.

The bamboo is green, and the tail of the white-legged shrimp is red.

Step 2. How to prepare jumbo shrimp.

As for the type of shrimp, you need to trim the hard shell so that you can taste the tender flesh inside. You have to trim it well so that you can feel the taste of shrimp abundantly. First of all, use scissors to remove horns that can hurt your mouth when eating. And poke the intestines in the second joint from the back of the prawn with a toothpick to remove the water gun from the last tail. If you remove the intestines of shrimp, the bitter taste will also be removed, so you can taste sweeter shrimp.