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How to overcome depression in the middle age.

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: Be optimistic.

It is said that social factors often stimulate psychology in middle age. It is said that it is important not to be immersed in complex tasks or living conditions and not to dwell on trivial things. It is also very important to maintain a positive psychological state that you can overcome any event.

: Building good relationships.

It’s good to get along well with others, such as your personality, hobbies, and temperament, but you also need to make efforts to broaden your understanding of people around you by accurately evaluating yourself and identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Through these efforts, it is said that it is good to recognize the other person as it is without excessive expectations for people and work.

: Recognizing and accepting yourself.

Recognizing and accepting yourself accurately can set appropriate goals and find good ways to achieve them. In this case, you can cope with everything properly with confidence without falling into inferiority or arrogance.

: Less negative thoughts.

Young children laugh 400 to 500 times a day. It is said that when you reach old age, it decreases to 15 to 20 times and even loses joy and laughter. If you have negative thoughts like this, it’s good to refresh yourself with music, movies, dramas, books, or take a walk so that serotonin can be secreted from the brain. It is said that the secretion of serotonin can make you feel better. It is also said that it is a good way to reduce stress by taking abundant vitamin C by eating fruits.

: Work out properly.

The best antidepressant in the world is exercise. Medicine has side effects, but exercise has no side effects. It is also said that light and long exercise is much better than fast and powerful exercise that suppresses serotonin secretion by generating integrated acid. It is also said that investing time and energy into what you like and finding what you like is a very good way.

Mental Care

Middle-aged depression symptoms.

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Depression is a mental illness that can occur to anyone of all ages. In particular, it is said that more and more people are suffering from mental illness in modern society, and in their lives, they face difficulties in various areas such as interpersonal problems, workplace conflicts, or family relationships. The difficulties that occur at this time cause a lot of stress and negative emotions. Failure to properly relieve these negative emotions or stress leads to depression. In addition, middle-aged people feel depressed, such as loss of purpose and direction, and anxiety about new changes and attempts, such as experiencing physical changes such as aging. This case is called middle-aged depression.

> Middle-aged depression symptoms.

: Physiological symptoms.

It is said that this physiological state persists because people have only experienced growth throughout infancy, adolescence, youth, and old age. However, in middle age, physiological aging occurs in all body organs. In middle age, even if there is no special disease, some changes occur in the body, which leads to a sense of loss that the body is motivated but does not follow.

: Psychological symptoms.

It is said that different degrees of emptiness and inflammation occur in work, learning, and daily life. It is said that as you get used to social life work that has been going on for more than 20 years and environmental changes decrease, the tension in human relations disappears, making you feel bored and dry. Another symptom of middle-aged depression is that it feels like the heyday of life is over. All of these negative emotions are said to reduce the immunity and defense of organisms and harm their health. Therefore, it can be said that maintaining psychological and physical health is the most important thing in middle age.

: Initial symptoms.

In the case of middle-aged depression, they are not interested in anything and feel depressed for no reason. In addition, they say that they neglect their work and family because they feel drowsy and lethargic more often than usual, and because of severe emotional ups and downs, they are obsessed with sweet or spicy foods unlike usual. It is also said that physical symptoms such as insomnia, headache, cold sweat, and tremors can occur due to increased pulse.

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How to enjoy the flavor of prawns.

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How to distinguish fresh and delicious prawns.

There are words that cannot be overemphasized. The taste of the food depends on the freshness of the ingredients! Here are all the fresh and delicious prawns that announce the start of cooking.

(1) Check the transparency of the body.

You have to choose one that has a transparent head and a good visibility of intestines.

(2) Check the gloss of the body.

It’s good to have a shiny body.

(3) Check the hardness of the shell.

When you touch the shell, you can feel the elasticity and it’s good to be hard.

In addition, the natural treatment is characterized by a shiny and slightly reddish body. However, the redness of the neck may be a phenomenon that occurs during the process of injury.

Shrimp? White-legged shrimp? Similar looks!

Different sizes! Different flavors!

Shrimp and white-legged shrimp are distinctly different creatures, but at first glance, you may be a little confused because of their similar appearance, and in order to distinguish between prawns and white-legged shrimp, you need to check the following three.

It is the length of the horn, the length of the beard, and the color of the tail.

(1) The length of the horn.

While the horn of the bamboo pole is longer than the head, the horn of the white-legged shrimp is shorter than the head.

(2) The length of the beard.

The length of the beard is about twice that of the body, but the white-legged shrimp has a short beard.

(3) Tail color.

The bamboo is green, and the tail of the white-legged shrimp is red.

Step 2. How to prepare jumbo shrimp.

As for the type of shrimp, you need to trim the hard shell so that you can taste the tender flesh inside. You have to trim it well so that you can feel the taste of shrimp abundantly. First of all, use scissors to remove horns that can hurt your mouth when eating. And poke the intestines in the second joint from the back of the prawn with a toothpick to remove the water gun from the last tail. If you remove the intestines of shrimp, the bitter taste will also be removed, so you can taste sweeter shrimp.

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